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35 Years of Aluprint in Mexico

We interviewed one of our employees who has worked for Aluprint in Mexico since it was founded!

Name: Lorenzo Galicia Donjuan
Position: Extrusion Operator
Department: Laminating
Date of admission: November 10, 1980

Constantia Flexibles: How long have you worked in the company and which jobs have you done?
Lorenzo Galicia Donjuan: 35 years, I started as a General Helper, then worked as an adhesive lamination operator and then as an extrusion lamination operator, the position that I currently holds.

Constantia Flexibles: What do you remember of the early days – the first ten years?
Lorenzo Galicia Donjuan: I remember when I started at Aluprint, my job was only going to last for one month, and I never thought it would last so long. But I grew to like the work environment, the opportunity for growth and the confidence my superiors had in me to carry out various activities.

Constantia Flexibles: Why do you like working for Aluprint?
Lorenzo Galicia Donjuan: Because it is one of the best businesses, it has a very good work environment and is concerned about the well-being of its employees and their families.

Constantia Flexibles: What has changed in the last 35 years?
Lorenzo Galicia Donjuan: It is a modern company now and over the years it has grown a lot with its facilities, personnel and machinery for every department.

Constantia Flexibles: Is there something that has NOT changed – that always stayed the same?
Lorenzo Galicia Donjuan: The facilities have not changed (cafeteria and changing rooms) and some processes.


Constantia Flexibles: Thanks for the insight!