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“At Propak we experience huge networking opportunities”

We visited Kim Tomlinson, Product Manager at the Constantia Flexibles booth at Propak Africa in Johannesburg.


What are the main packaging trends you see at Propak?

Kim Tomlinson: There is a move towards environmentally-friendly packaging applications, for example reduced carbon footprint. Also there is a main focus on convenience packaging and an increasing presence of Chinese suppliers for packaging, machinery, chemicals, converter films. But there are also more and more converters present from other countries such as Turkey, the Middle East and India.

What are the visitors at the Constantia booth interested in?

Kim Tomlinson: Our visitors at the Constantia Flexibles booth are interested in our wide product offering – this is interesting both to customers and suppliers. Everyone is looking forward to seeing the changes Afripack will experience after Constantia Flexibles acquired it last year.

Is there something special about Propak Africa compared to other trade fairs?

Kim Tomlinson: At Propak we experience huge networking opportunities within a wide variety of packaging fields because the whole Southern African/Sub-Saharan flexible packaging “ecosystem” is present during this event

Looking back – what is your summary of the last two days?

Kim Tomlinson: We start noticing the impact of Afripack’s takeover by Constantia Flexibles, for example more strategic customers and suppliers are showing interest in the company and our products and technologies.

Kim Tomlison joined Afripack in 2011. Initially she worked as sales manager for Coatings Division and became a Business Development Manager in 2015. After Constantia Flexible’s takeover, she has been working as Product Manager.

Kim originally studied micro-biological engineering, has a 26 year-old son, she enjoys playing golf and running.