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Constantia Flexibles strives towards 100% recyclability by 2025

Constantia Flexibles aims to design products based on sustainable criteria with minimal impact on the environment, low material usage and high recyclability.

In this regard, Constantia Flexibles publicly endorses a new formal pledge:


Constantia Flexibles pledges that 100% of its consumer and pharma packaging will be recyclable by 2025. As a global flexible packaging producer and a company being committed to sustainability, Constantia Flexibles recognizes the importance of actively contributing to the circular economy. Future product innovations will therefore focus on the implementation of design guidelines to develop specifications which are recyclable – in practice and on a commercial scale.


Before it is waste, flexible packaging plays an essential role as it protects food throughout the supply chain and enables a proper and safe delivery to the end-consumer. Flexible packaging with customized barrier protection and appropriate portioning reduces the risk of waste, thus saving many resources. Flexible packaging adds value in the circular economy through very efficient use of materials and energy resources. If on top of that it is collected and recycled, this increases its resource efficiency even further. The application of global design guidelines for flexible packaging will support increased recycling of flexible packaging.

To manage and achieve the target of 100% recyclability, Constantia Flexibles will evaluate the current status in terms of recyclability of its product portfolio and track progress towards the goal. Constantia Flexibles will continue to focus on those product specifications which are already currently recyclable in practice and at scale. By strengthening development efforts, Constantia Flexibles will additionally advance new innovations to overcome the challenges of problematic or unnecessary non-recyclable (plastic) packaging.



Dr. Thomas Greigeritsch
Vice President Group Sustainability