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Constantia Parikh wins Silver Award from Unilever

Innovative Approach and Exemplary Contribution recognized

Our site Constantia Parikh located in Ahmedabad, India, has awarded with the Unilever Silver Award for its great efforts of developing different laminates for sustainable future.

“In this competitive world of constant change, we need to act out of the box. I am very happy, excited and honored that Hindustan Unilever has recognized our sincere efforts and awarded us ‘Partner to symphony - Silver award’ in recognition of our innovative approach and exemplary contribution” said Managing Director Pavan Parikh. “On behalf of the Constantia Parikh team, I would like to thank the entire Unilever team for this award and wonderful gesture. This would not have been possible without our dedicated team who has always shown a burning desire to do something different for the industry & environment.”


Contact: Kanhai Vaidya