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Constantia’s fruity labels use a fusion of printing techniques

In 2014, UK market leader Accolade Wines embarked upon what has been described as one of the stand out launches of the year.

Constantia Flexibles Labels Division has partnered with Accolade Wines since 2013 and has labelled more than 20 of their key brands.


In 2014 Accolade’s Californian wine brand Echo Falls launched three new fruit-based blends in an effort to recruit new consumers and target its core 18-34 year-old female audience.

Incorporating sweeter flavours such as raspberry & cassis, summer berries and peach & mango the brand aims to introduce a new audience to the wine market.

Echo Falls Fruit Fusion is an energetic brand and the label radiates this through its prominent design. Constantia’s technical team employed variety of techniques in order to achieve the necessary aesthetic and functional requirements. Technical Manager Matt Rowley comments:

“This project was designed to utilise a high quality pearlised, pressure sensitive paper and a combination print process to attain the subtlety required. The front label is hot foiled and the image itself made up of 4 colour litho. The image is the largest visual area of the design and all three front label variants had to achieve the same level of vibrancy to ensure consistency across the range on shelf. The second label part (the medal) was made using holographic paper substrate to give a strong visual reference.”

The success following the launch last year has led to further exciting blends in the Fruit Fusion range. Constantia are delighted to be working with Accolade on pressure sensitive labels for several new flavour variations – watch this space!