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"IML is the perfect solution for a refrigerated product"

Award-winning and bespoke dessert container made with injection moulding


Finnish dairy producer Valio Ltd. has created an ‘easy-to-serve’ packaging with injection moulding. This outstanding container for a lactose-free panna cotta was developed by RPC Superfos and features a unique ‘release mechanism’ at the bottom. It makes it very easy for the consumer to serve the dessert quickly and attractively.

Valio Eila® lactose-free panna cotta

Panna cotta with fruit sauce is a popular dessert around the world, including Finland, where Valio Ltd. is a leading dairy producer. The Italian pudding served as inspiration for Valio’s new lactose-free dessert product called Valio Eila®. So Valio Ltd. turned to the reputable packaging company RPC Superfos to develop a bespoke container for this dessert. RPC Superfos has extensive experience in injection moulding and decided to involve Verstraete.

Cool and easy indulgence

Valio Ltd. had a clear idea of the ideal packaging when the dairy producer approached RPC Superfos. Juhana Pilkama, Packaging Development Manager, Valio Ltd. explains: “Our design brief for the package specified that the pot container should be of premium quality, look great and offer outstanding user convenience. According to our market analysis consumers crave for products that offer easy indulgence with a touch of luxury. We turned to RPC Superfos for a new customised packaging solution, as we have excellent past experience with them.”

Convenience is key
In close cooperation with Valio, RPC Superfos developed an injection moulded packaging solution with a unique release mechanism for serving the panna cotta quickly and decoratively. The bespoke pot has a convenient click-and-push feature at the bottom.  In only three simple steps, a ready-to-eat decorative dessert will be on your plate. Just remove the sealed foil on top, then turn the pot upside-down and push the bottom release point a few times. The packaging breaks open in three spots and the pudding and fruit sauce gently slide out of the 150ml container.

IML packaging guarantees premium quality

Both Valio and RPC Superfos value the high quality of the IML packaging labels from Verstraete.
However, finding the right solution for manufacturing the pot required hard work and meticulous testing.

Johan Rosell, Construction Manager at RPC Superfos, explains: “We  have enjoyed working with Verstraete. The IML supplier has been supportive and helpful throughout this challenging, yet exciting, project. The greatest technical challenge was the release mechanism. We used three different test moulds to fine-tune the design but, in the end, we accomplished what we wanted.”

Jan Van Iseghem, Verstraete IML Sales Manager for Northern Europe, comments: “Valio was looking for premium quality, which is exactly what IML offers: the printing quality is excellent and we can cover the entire packaging with a single label. In addition, the labels are strong, hygienic and resistant to moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations. That makes IML the perfect solution for a refrigerated product like this dessert.”

Successful in so many ways
Clearly, there is every reason to be pleased with the result. Valio Eila® cream pudding in the easy-to-serve packaging is now a huge success. Sales figures have significantly exceeded expectations and the packaging solution has already won two awards: a ScanStar and a WorldStar.

The jury states the following reasons for honouring the bespoke pot with a ScanStar: "The jury rewards this packaging with a Scanstar for being a new and innovative solution. It is a pack with added value, creating a new way to serve the content. The packaging establishes interaction between the end-users and the brand owners. It is a functional result of new thinking and a step towards increased user-friendliness. How to serve the pudding is clearly described. The result becomes a pleasant plate presentation."