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Meet us at FachPack!

Sustainability, Food Safety and Convenience: Constantia Flexibles presents packaging innovations at Fachpack 2015 in Nuremburg, Germany


The key players of the packaging industry get together from 29 September - 1 October 2015 to network and showcase the latest developments in the packaging industry. Constantia Flexibles will be represented there with a booth in hall 9, booth number 140. The industry focus will be on food and pet food packaging.

Some of the most important central trends and market needs for packaging at the moment are sustainability, food safety and convenience. Constantia Flexibles is presenting their innovative portfolio to meet these demands. Here are a few highlights of what to expect when visiting the Constantia Flexibles booth:

Processed Meat:

  • Alufoil Container Systems: This superior barrier packaging solution is typically used for Food, Pet Food and also Beverage Capsules (such as coffee, tea, …). Constantia Flexibles covers the entire production chain and further develops this packaging solution to improve marketing appearance, technical performance and also resource efficiency.
  • Wet Food Pouches for Preserved Food and Petfood: Wet Food Pouches are a common flexible packaging format.. They combine the advantages of traditional, rigid retortable packaging with modern flexible materials. Constantia Flexibles offers various material and format solutions with latest features.
  • Bags for Dry Products: This packaging category is frequently used for Petcare and Industrial products. Constantia Flexibles´ global manufacturing network ensures customer proximity for this film based products.
  • Barrier Films for Preserved Food: One of the core functions of packaging materials is to protect the food and ensure shelf-life. This Iis also a vital function for avoidance and reduction of food waste. Constantia Flexibles is your partner for barrier packaging, customized to each individual product. Therfore, a wide range of preservation technologies are covered with Constantia´s packaging: Retort, Pasteurized, Hot-Fill, Modified Atmosphere…    

Dairy, Confectionery and Processed Food:

  • Die Cut 2020: A co-extrusion coated die-cut lid composed of a thin aluminum layer as thin as almost 20 µm and a proprietary Constantia Flexibles Co-Extrusion coating. Sealable against PP cups. The product offers a wide range of sealing temperatures from 200-280 °C.
  • Coffee Capsules Lidding: Meeting this global trend in coffee preparation, Constantia Flexibles now offers a wide range of: Lacquered aluminum / coated aluminum / plastic materials for lidding of coffee capsules.. State of the art portion pack packaging materials for other than coffee are also available, like tea and dietary supplements.
  • Liquid Pouches: In addition to the low cost option, flexible pouches contain liquid products safely, and stand up nicely on store shelves for more effective and efficient display. Depending on the final product & process, the material is specified to guarantee its shelf life and fulfill the requirements of the consumers.
  • Slim Foil: Constantia Flexibles has developed a 5my aluminum converter foil – Slim Foil - specifically designed for pouch and confectionery laminates.
  • ReLap: Due to the combination of different technologies such as lasers, partial laminating, as well as the application of coatings, ReLap has enabled novel composite structures, which prevent contamination of the adhesive surface by the filling material. The result for consumers is fast, easy opening and resealing. Also, this technology requires no modifications to existing packaging machines.

The ReLap concept was nominated for the Deutsche Verpackungspreis 2015 (German Packaging Award) by the jury and will get honored at FachPack’s first day September 28th at 16:00 p.m. at Saal München, im NCC Mitte der Nürnberg Messe.

In addition to these solutions, we are also showcasing popular products and latest innovations on Flexibles and Alufoil Containers as well as Die cut 35/4, UV HD Flexo printed Flexpap und Banderole, Comfor Lid; PPPeel; Mono FFS Web and others.

Come by and visit us to find out more about our flexible packaging solutions! More information about the trade fair: www.fachpack.de/en/.

Peter Stieboeck (Food)
Stefan Schmid (Processed Meat)