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Technical Seminar: Short and concice


Novo Nordisk has been a leading supplier of diabetes medication for over 90 years. This success is based, in particular, on innovative medications developed by the company, which has now expanded even beyond diabetes treatment. It was therefore an exciting development when Novo Nordisk selected the Pharma division of Constantia Flexibles within clinical phase 3 to consult on the primary packaging for a new GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide 1) medication for oral administration.

A technical seminar brought together 21 employees at the head office of the Danish company in Bagsværd, Denmark, near Copenhagen. All key departments of Novo Nordisk were represented: from Development and Procurement to Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. Because Novo Nordisk has so far only minimal experience with the in-house production of tablets, the employees of Constantia Flexibles were exactly the right experts and “sparring partners” to help prepare for the commissioning of the company’s own packaging line with aluminum-aluminum blister foil.

“One of the most important points in the discussions was to identify possible sources of errors in the packaging process in order to avoid them, even before the start of production” says Ella Huskic, looking back on the seminar. Thanks to the extensive experience of experts from the Constantia Flexibles Pharma division, they were able to share a great deal of knowledge, says Margaret Andersson.