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Our new interactive world map with all sites and sales offices is now online!

Ever tried to remember where that labels sales office in New York State was? Do you want to know what our Pharma plant in Burgos, Spain, exactly does and what they specialize in? Finding that out just has become a lot easier – with our newly launched interactive world-map showing our more than 50 plants and sales offices around the world.

Click here to go to world map: http://www.cflex.com/global-locations/

At first, the map presents the whole globe and as soon as you zoom into certain continents or regions, all of the sites become visible. If you move the cursor over the dots, a pop-up window opens and gives you the basic information on the site such as address and a picture. If you then hit the “details” button, it will take you straight to the designated site page which offers more information.

Have fun experiencing the new Constantia Flexibles world map and learn more about our sites worldwide!


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