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„We entered a market with tremendous potential“

Constantia Oai Hung acquisition in Vietnam – 5 questions for Pierre-Henri Bruchon, Head of the Pharma Division


Constantia Flexibles: You hosted an Employee Onboarding Event in Ho Chi Minh City today – what was your impression?

Pierre-Henri Bruchon: It was a great day at our new plant with some 250 employees…basically our CEO Alexander Baumgartner and I introduced ourselves and presented Constantia Flexibles Group as the new parent company to very friendly and welcoming employees. They made the event special and we are very glad to have them on Board! Personally I enjoyed the traditional Dragon Dance a lot – it symbolizes luck and a bright future which we are very happy to look forward to!

Constantia Flexibles: What makes the deal in Vietnam special?

Pierre-Henri Bruchon: First of all, we have obtained our first pharmaceutical production site in Asia with the acquisition of Oai Hung, or Constantia Oai Hung as it was renamed. This means that we have entered the high growth Southeast Asian region – a market with tremendous potential. The Vietnamese pharmaceutical packaging market is characterized by rapid development and attractive market growth as well as a strategic position in Southeast Asia as a potential hub for future expansion.

Constantia Flexibles: Can you say a few words about Oai Hung?

Pierre-Henri Bruchon: I have known the company for many years – our ties go as far back as 13 years! The family-owned company was founded in 1988 and it achieved sales of 25 million euro in 2015. The main products are aluminum blister foil, laminates and rigid film for the local pharma market. In addition, the company already has a meaningful presence in the dairy lidding sector having only entered this market in the last two years.

The heart piece of the production is a clean room that meets high international standards and therefor is a perfect match for the Pharma division – after all we are the world’s second largest flexible packaging manufacturer for the pharmaceutical and Home & Personal Care (HPC) industries!

Constantia Flexibles: How will the new plant integrate into your production network?

Pierre-Henri Bruchon: At the moment we operate three pre-material production sites in Austria, Germany and Spain, which serve three satellite plants in Belgium, the UK and Germany and carry out the printing and slitting of foils and laminates for small and medium volumes. At Constantia Oai Hung we are planning to introduce our so-called ‘satellite concept’ whereby we supply pre-material from one main site - in this case Oai Hung - and then print and slit the final product close to customers in other parts of Asia when we expand.

Constantia Flexibles: The onboarding has been completed – what are the next steps?

Pierre-Henri Bruchon: Well, the onboarding was the first step – we welcomed the new employees with a nice get-together to introduce ourselves as the new Austrian parent company. Now we have to continue with the integration in the other areas – align operations, integrate them into our marketing and sales strategy and also set up our reporting structures to make them a part of the Group’s processes.

Constantia Oai Hung has state-of-the-art production facilities, we intend to support the company to continue to grow in the local market and also to expand within the region. We believe that our global presence and network should strengthen their export sales significantly.

The bottom line is, that we are here to create some buzz in the vibrant Southeast Asian pharmaceutical markets!